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The birth of your baby is a magical and mysterious time, often facing new challenges on your parenting journey. Mama & Me Midwifery is here to help as you transition to parenthood. It is our passion to make a difference, to further enhance your motherhood journey. Our aim is to provide midwifery cares that are gentle, supportive and nurturing while offering highly skilled care to you and your baby. We want your postnatal and early parenting journey to be positive and enriching , making informed decisions and choices that are right for you and your family as you become confident parents. Based at Rocklea, we provide cares to any woman within a 30 Km radius in Brisbane. Logan and surrounding areas. We carry a wealth of experience in all aspects of midwifery and newborn cares as well as lactation consultancy

Meet the Midwives

Anne Rasic

Registered Nurse: 1979

Registered Midwife: 1982

Certified Lactation Consultant: 2004

Endorsed Eligible Midwife: 2012

I believe that pregnancy, birth and parenting are some of the most important times in a woman’s life. I feel privileged to be a part of this intensely private yet powerful time for each woman. I believe care should be holistic, relevant and woman centred. When informed and supported women feel empowered to trust their instincts and gain the confidence in decision making for themselves and family.
Working as a midwife for thirty seven years, across all areas of care with a particular focus on continuum has brought a wealth of knowledge and experience to this role. My passion for supporting new mothers on their breastfeeding journey led me to become a board certified lactation consultant sixteen years ago. Mama & Me Midwifery started with a vision, to offer support to many more women throughout the Brisbane South, Beenleigh and Ipswich areas, offering individualized care in the post partum period.
As a mother of seven and grandmother of four, my empathy and understanding of the challenges of new motherhood and family adjustment enhances my professional practice.

Jan Presnell

Registered Nurse: 1973

Registered Midwife: 2003

Emergency Nurse Practitioner: 2005

Certified Lactation Consultant: 2004

Endorsed Eligible Midwife: 2012

Immunisation Certification: 2016

When women become pregnant and birth their beautiful newborn, it is not uncommon fir their lives to unravel – to one full of mystery, inconsistence and wonder. My greatest passion is walking beside the new mother, listening to their questions and providing understanding and supportive advice during these exciting life-changing times. I know no single approach is the right one for each new mother and her baby and through my extensive midwifery, nursing and lactation qualifications I provide flexible, individual and a rich sharing of information and supportive care. Being a midwife is not only a joy but a privilege. Presence with women through their journey into parenthood and beyond is overwhelmingly rewarding. As a co-founder of Mama & Me Midwifery, with endorsed eligibility and countless years of midwifery within continuum models of care both in Brisbane and remote and rural settings, my passion is being realized by providing an additional option to all new mothers. No time is less or more magical. However, Mama & Me Midwifery has chosen to concentrate our business supporting new families unravelling the mysteries of their newborn adapting to the outside world and their families adjusting to the presence of their special little bundle. As a wife of 40 years, mother of 4 and grandmother of 10, life is full of prosperity. My family give me the unconditional love and support to enable me to quench my thirst of providing passionate midwifery care to new families commencing their life journey together.

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